Meiji Pharma Spain, S.A. belongs to the Japanese group Meiji Holdings Co., Ltd. (Meiji Group), employing about 17,000 people worldwide and with an annual turnover of EUR 10 billion. Its main business is developing and marketing consumer products derived from milk and cocoa, as well as top-quality medicines and health products.


Meiji Seika Pharma Co., Ltd., the group’s pharmaceutical division, has a workforce of over 5,700 workers dedicated to people’s health and wellness.


Providing health and wellness since 1990

Meiji Pharma Spain, S.A., is established in Spain
as member of the Meiji Group



Logo Meiji Pharma SpainMeiji Pharma Spain, S.A. started its activity back in 1990, with the acquisition of Laboratorios Zambeletti España. Since then our business has grown thanks to our people and pharmaceutical products.


Meiji Pharma Spain, S.A. currently boasts a strong presence in Spain where it is strongly committed in terms of industrial activity and commercial efforts.



Its headquarters is located in Alcalá de Henares (Madrid), where the company has two industrial factories, a logistics centre and offices for administrative staff. We export our medicines from Spain to many countries around the world, and we also manufacture products for pharmaceutical companies of global presence.






Committed to Quality

Aiming to maintain the highest quality level and satisfaction of our customers, Meiji Pharma Spain, S.A. has issued a Quality Policy that involves the Management commitment to implement a Quality Management System oriented to the client’s attention and the continuous improvement.




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